The Docusafe Secure Facility

Personalized Service

We know that the business of records storage and retrieval is a vendor-client partnership. It’s our job to cooperate with you – to secure and maintain vital business materials and to make them accessible when your operations need them. Docusafe resources are available to you directly and at any time.

Some of our competitors are large, worldwide companies. But we know that personal service cannot come from an anonymous 800 number. When you call Docusafe, you reach your local facility and the people who know you and your records management program.

Secure Facilities

Your records are safe and secure in our 225,000 square feet of storage space. Our comprehensive security system features exterior and interior cameras for 24 hour monitoring of the premises. Interior doors accessing the archive are locked, as are all dock doors and gates. Intrusion alarms and motions detectors are connected to the local police department, and we have 24 hour off-site monitoring of our security systems including, fire suppression systems. Surveillance cameras monitor all activity throughout the building and the area surrounding our facility.

Docusafe has enough space to provide you with affordable, expandable off-site storage for active or archival files. This will free your present on-site storage areas to become revenue generating space.

  • Reinforced Concrete Walls
  • Laser level concrete floor
  • Rubber membrane roof
  • Unmarked building
  • Non-smoking facility
  • Digital Video Surveillance
  • Computer Access Control
  • Meeting ANSI standards IT9.11, NFPA 75 & 232
  • Temperature and Humidity Controlled environment
  • We are not located in a flood plain. There is no flood recorded in our area as long as the municipality has kept records
  • Diesel Backup Generator

Fire Suppression, Disaster Recovery

Our building features an ESFR system (Early Suppression, Fast Response) that produces a large volume of water (100 gallons a minute) in a zoned area and complies with the latest NFPA standards. The fire alarm is connected to our local fire department.


We never take security for granted. But, today, security covers a lot more than boxes and papers. Along with full structural protection and strict access control, our centers use only the latest methods of precision records management. All Docusafe facilities and customer service functions are state-of-the-art and fully computerized. Our wholly integrated system is driven by bar-code technology and operates in a familiar, secure, Windows® based environment.

When you choose Docusafe to manage your records, you are going to save money! You will convert your on-site storage space to more profitable use, minimize costs, and reduce file-tracking errors.

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