Hybrid Records Management

We can provide you with the ultimate in connectivity between your office (s) and your records stored offsite with us. Our EDC ActiveWeb solution gives you an efficient way for all authorized users to access, locate and order all documents.

The barcode system manages records stored in file rooms, cabinets and offsite.
The system tracks records from creation to destruction with a complete audit history.
Powerful search engine and user-defined fields make it easy to use.

  • Integrates with Microsoft Office Programs
  • Web access enables you to scan, save and view images
  • Version control retains and identifies electronic document changes
  • A single platform to manage both physical and electronic documents (EDM)

Our Electronic Document Management Solutions Meet All Your Business Records Management Needs

Docusafe provides you with:

  • Immaculate, cutting-edge, records management facilities.
  • File storage boxes, bar code tracking and online inventory management.
  • Fast retrieval: we can identify the exact location of a file and retrieve it from our facility within ten minutes of your call.

With Docusafe’s offsite storage services including electronic document solutions, you’ll save valuable office space, make better business decisions and improve customer service.

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