Records Management Tips for 2022

Binders labelled Procedures and Policies sitting on a desk with two pens and coffee cupThe hectic Christmas season has come to an end and a new year has begun. Experts say that you have just entered the most depressing month of the year. But January doesn’t have to be that way! For many, being organized makes them feel energized and productive. Start off 2022 by cleaning up your records management practices to help your business and employees excel. Consider evaluating your records management by reviewing these tips.

1. Review your Policies and Procedures

When your policies are well established, your records will be handled consistently. Make sure the policies:

  • Are easy to understand
  • Describe the duties of the employees clearly
  • Articulate the stages of a record’s lifecycle
  • Identify the type of records your organization works with and align them with retention rules
  • Explain how to prevent unauthorized access

2. Review and Archive Less-Active Records

Transfer inactive hard copy files or digital data to an offsite storage facility. This will help reduce the size of the active files, making it easier to maintain and access them. Archiving older data that is still important to your business will help you stay compliant with state and federal regulations.

3. Review Records Accessibility

Accessibility refers to how simple it is to locate a document when you need it. If your documents can’t be accessed quickly and easily, whether they are onsite or offsite, it’s costly to your business. Are your file names consistent? Are file folders overloaded or do they need splitting? Are your offsite records indexed, and can they be received in both hard copy and digital formats at any time of the day or night?

4. Review your Records Retention Policy

Regulatory compliance depends on a solid and organized retention policy. Your review should include the following tasks:

  • Refamiliarizing yourself with the state and federal retention laws that apply to your types of documents
  • Reviewing all files to ensure none have surpassed their lifespan
  • Safely and securely destroying outdated files
  • Keeping track of your retention periods to help you manage the lifecycle and final disposition of your records.

This annual records management review is a great policy to implement. Get staff involved with your annual records management review with regular training and reviews of the tips above. All of this will help your company start off the year on solid footing and wash away the January blues!

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