Records Management Tips for 2021

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Whether or not you are big on New Year’s resolutions, it helps to have a records management plan for your organization. Businesses must control the creation and growth of their records. In this blog, we offer records management tips for 2021.

1. Make a Records Retention Policy

A records retention policy establishes guidelines for how long to keep your records and when you can dispose of them. Your record retention policy should align with state and federal regulations and your organization’s internal governance requirements. Consult with your attorney before finalizing your records retention policy. A qualified records management company can support your records retention requirements with secure document storage and records management services.

2. Store Documents Offsite

A records retention schedule helps you track and manage your records throughout their lifecycle. An offsite records storage provider bar codes your active files and stores them on high-density racking systems in a records center. Each file is bar coded and tracked within a sophisticated online inventory management system. A secure web portal allows you to search for and access your files around the clock. You can have your inactive files hand-delivered to your office or digitally sent to your device with your records storage provider’s Scan on Demand solution.

3. Go Paperless

Paper dependency hurts your organization’s productivity and profitability. Digital files are accessed and shared with just a few clicks. A document imaging provider converts your paper records to digital files. Scanning technicians digitize your documents and add them to an enterprise content management (ECM) system or online image hosting solution. Afterwards, authorized users in your company can access information from anywhere in the world.

4. Implement a Document Disposition Schedule

The following federal and state laws mandate that businesses must verify their information destruction processes:

  • SOX
  • GLBA

Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines and penalties. A shredding service offers a dependable and secure solution for disposing of expired paper records. Your shredding provider delivers locked collection containers to your facility, allowing your employees to discard files without removing staples and paperclips. Screened shredding technicians collect and destroy your documents while following strict chain of custody procedures. You receive a Certificate of Destruction as soon they complete your shredding project.

Follow these tips to improve your records management capabilities in 2021.

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