Records & File Indexing Projects

Docusafe specializes in records management solutions for clients in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania metro areas.  This means we’ve perfected specialized systems and expertise to organize and manage all of your records quickly, easily and accurately, no matter how complex your needs may be.

Docusafe staff routinely handle one-time, periodic and ongoing records management projects with ease, including file folder indexing, inventory set up with retention schedules, and more.

Indexing & Inventory Services:

  • Indexing – File folders contain several  fields of information. Indexing that information into searchable reference fields makes finding the file virtually instantaneous and eliminates costly manual searches.
  • Inventory Setup – We can help organize your inventory using specific numbering systems, easy-to-understand descriptions and retention schedules, so you always know exactly what you have, where it’s located, and when it’s scheduled for destruction.
  • Inventory Cleanup – We also help re-organize and re-categorize your records into a better system, repack records as needed, and “fill-in-the-blanks” in your current inventory, so you have a better handle on what you have and are sure you are only retaining what you need.
  • Audits – An on-site audit review room is available to all of our customers who want to review or audit their records, or we can transport them to an off-site audit review location if that’s what you prefer.
  • Special Searches – The Docusafe team excels at searching for files or documents that were misfiled prior to being sent to our storage facility—we’re happy to help find those missing records you’ve been looking for!

Please contact us to learn more about how Docusafe’s expertise in organizing, cataloging and indexing your records can help you know exactly what you have and where it’s located so you can always find the information you need.

For additional information and pricing, please contact us at 888-264-7367 or fill out the form on this page. A Docusafe representative will contact you within one business day.

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