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Discover Secure Remote Access Technology:

Remote Data Access to Your Vital Records

Docusafe provides a secure Web portal so our clients can remotely manage their records. Our web-based program provides maximum speed & convenience in records management.

The ultimate in connectivity, with the Docusafe Web Portal you’re on top of every file. No matter the type, physical, electronic or imaged, you know where it is, who had it last and what changes were made to it. Our secure, Web Portal lets you track and control your records using bar codes, descriptions or any other index value, at the box or file level. Welcome to a whole new world of document management where searching, tracking, ordering, and delivering documents is a breeze.

Management Functions

  • Manage documents throughout their lifecycle
  • Track and order documents from the records center
  • Create and Save customized reports. Create, and print the report remotely
  • View a complete audit history of all “Touches” to a box or file
  • Create multiple security levels and group access rights
  • Batch data imports for faster data entry
  • Customize and define data fields
  • Scan, index, OCR, save, store and view all images
  • Know the status of all items stored anywhere
  • Easy to use the “Shopping Cart” ordering process
  • Auto create destruction lists based on retention schedules

Our staff also has full remote computing technology: drivers carry hand-held computers and receipt printers that electronically validate record keeping. It’s seamless and fully integrated coverage, and it’s the ultimate guarantee of accurate, accessible safekeeping.

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