Offsite Document Storage: How it Works and Why It Is Helpful

Interior of Docusafe's record centerData comes in many forms, and some are easier to store and manage than others. Electronic records can be digitally stored on a server, in an enterprise content management (ECM) system, or saved to a hard drive. Paper records are more problematic, though, as they take up physical space. In this blog, we explain how offsite document storage works and why it benefits your business.

Risks to Paper Records

Most businesses rely on filing cabinets, boxes, and shelves for their documents. But if you are leasing an office, paying for square footage to store documents in-house is expensive. Plus, you cannot ignore the internal data breach and disaster risks. Unauthorized internal access to information accounts for a large percentage of corporate data breaches. Fires, floods, and natural disasters often happen without warning. As a result, you have few secure, efficient, and cost-effective options for storing paper records.

You can rent self-storage space, but not without factoring in the cost of running back and forth to your unit and the risk of storing your confidential and sensitive information at one of these facilities. Also, self-storage units lack the security and record retention management systems required by many state and federal regulations to protect personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI).

Professional Document Storage and Management

An offsite document storage service is the only paper record storage option that combines identity theft prevention, disaster recovery, regulatory compliance, and retention management. The right offsite document storage provider stores your documents in a secure records center. They limit access to their background-screened records management personnel. A comprehensive security system with exterior and interior cameras offers 24-hour monitoring of the premises. Intrusion alarms and motion detectors are connected to the local police department.

In the records center, your document storage provider stores your records on high-density shelving units. Each carton is tracked with barcodes and online inventory management system. This technology allows you to:

  • Support retention requirements
  • Request and retrieve files
  • Purge expired records

Your document storage provider can even catalog and index your record inventory so you have a comprehensive information lifecycle solution.

As you can see, offsite document storage eliminates the overhead, administrative, and compliance headaches common with storing and managing paper records. It also gives your information the protection it deserves.

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