Media Storage & Rotation

Backing up your critical business data isn’t enough. Scheduled media rotation ensures that your backup strategy supports your data protection and recovery needs. While backing up your data to the same tape every day may be relatively simple, it is also extremely risky. Fire, flooding or theft at your office could destroy your data and permanently paralyze your business.

Using multiple tapes and rotating them to a secure offsite location protects your business from a data loss disaster. The problem is, most businesses don’t have the time and resources to make sure data is moved offsite in a secure and timely manner. Taking backup tapes home does not afford the proper preservation, protection and chain of custody processes as a professionally managed solution.

Strengthening Your Disaster Recovery Capabilities

Docusafe’s media rotation services offer complete data protection. We provide the personnel, facilities, and technology that allow for full data recovery capabilities in the event of any circumstance leading to data loss. As your backup is completed, your media assets are transferred to our media vault in climate-controlled vehicles by a screened Docusafe team member.

A strict chain of custody is followed at all times. Each backup tape is bar-coded and tracked to support both scheduled rotation requirements as well as disaster recovery and business continuity protocols. Since disaster can strike at any time, your backup media inventory is available 24/7/365. We can deliver to any approved hot site.

Long-Term Preservation of Your Magnetic Media

When a disaster strikes, you need confidence that your critical data can support your recovery needs. Unfortunately, the slightest environmental conditions can permanently damage the data stored on your media assets. That’s why business owners who store backup tapes in an office often find out that they are corrupted or unreadable. Magnetic media is highly vulnerable to even nominal fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Docusafe’s maximum security FIRELOCK media vault is designed specifically for media protection and preservation and is equipped with the following features:

  • Climate monitoring and regulation
  • Strict access control
  • Continuous digital surveillance
  • Waterless fire suppression and detection

In addition to backup tapes, our media vault also offers the perfect preservation solution for audio recordings, film archives, video surveillance tapes or optical media.

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Truly Fireproof Media Storage for Your Vital Records

The FIRELOCK Vault is the only truly fireproof vault on the market today. The fireproof media storage chamber is environmentally controlled for the temperature at 68° F and 33% humidity – maintained constantly and tracked on a chart recorder. This vault represents a dramatic breakthrough in fireproof media storage and environmental protection of all types of heat-sensitive vital records and media.

State-Of-the-Art Fireproof Media Storage

FIRELOCK Vaults are far superior fireproof media storage to concrete or block vaults that emit steam into the storage area when exposed to the heat of a catastrophic fire. Steam, at 212° F, destroys vital magnetic and film media. The insulating core of the FIRELOCK panel is completely dry and inert, even during exposure to a 2000° F fire. With its magnetic shielding, vapor barrier, and seismic protection, this class 125 Media Rated Fire Vault is the state-of-the-art in fireproof media storage.

Within this fireproof media, storage vault is an FM200 gas suppression system that reacts chemically with fire and prevents it from burning. FM200 is harmless to the environment, breathable, and completely safe for all media.

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