How to Avoid Costly Documentation Restoration

The Heart of it All

Stylized graphic with the words DISASTER RECOVERY in white text on a blue grid background with symbols for lock, documents, graph, world, folder surrounding the text.A document storage disaster can be compared to a heart attack in the human body.

  • They can happen anytime.
  • They can happen to anyone.

The result could possibly be one of these three simplified outcomes.

  • Loss of time, costly, but with full recovery.
  • Loss of time, costly, but enough damage to impede full recovery.
  • Too much damage to recover.


Disasters come in many sizes and have many different causes. Your records could be damaged by water from natural flooding or leaks, fire, rodent or insect infestation, hurricanes, tornados, or some other unexpected disastrous event. They all cause damage, and while it’s impossible to completely avoid a disaster, it is possible to either avoid being affected by them or limit the damage done.

Listen to, and Follow, the Pros

When your doctor tells you to eat right, exercise, and take prescribed medicine, you have a choice whether to follow the advice or not. Their advice can’t guarantee you will never have a heart attack, but it may increase the likelihood of a better outcome and recovery.

It’s the same with documentation restoration. If you avoid potential dangers and stay prepared, you will set yourself up for a better outcome and recovery.

How to Be Prepared

First, have a disaster recovery plan in place. Make sure that your staff are familiar with the plan and can put it into action immediately. Like damage to the heart, time is crucial. If a disaster happens, you will be prepared and your recovery may potentially:

  • Be quicker
  • Be less expensive
  • Save downtime
  • Save your reputation
  • Keep your customers and their trust
  • Avoid the possible collapse of your company

Second, keep backups of paper and digital files at different locations. Consider the 3-2-1 backup strategy which means you have at least three total copies of your data, two of which are local but on different mediums, and at least one copy off-site. Scanning your paper documents acts as a good backup as well.

Consult the services of a reputable records management company. They are not only highly skilled and experienced, but they are prepared to deal with any disaster, and their facility is designed to protect against disaster in the first place.

Partnering with an off-site records management company will dramatically increase your chances of making a full recovery after a disaster, and give you peace of mind that your records are in a safe and secure location while still being easily accessible.

Docusafe Records Management provides top-of-class records storage and management of your records in our purpose-built records center, which is temperature and humidity-controlled, has reinforced concrete walls, and is located away from any flood plains. For more information, simply call us at 888-264-7367 or complete the form on this page.

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