Four Ways Document Archiving Benefits Your Business

Archiving is the act of transferring data to a less frequently-used storage medium. This might be by physically moving paper documents to a less-used space or offsite, or moving digital files to another electronic device like a tape, backup drive, flash drive, and perhaps to an off-site media storage facility. You may not have considered off-site document archival for various reasons, but here are four benefits to consider:

1. Space Saver

The cost of office space can be pricey. New York City is the most expensive US city to rent office space in, where the average monthly rate is $6.16 per square foot. If that space is being used to store records— particularly files that are rarely accessed — your business is not reaching its full potential. Mostly-inactive documents can be moved to a records management facility that can store them at an affordable price while keeping them accessible should you need them.

2. Secure Storage

Sensitive documents need their own secure space so they can only be accessed by authorized individuals. Whether they are paper or digital documents, if you are concerned that any of your files could be accessed by the wrong people, misplaced or stolen, then you need to reconsider where they are stored. Partnering with a reputable records management provider with an offsite, secure, and monitored records center will protect your documents .

3. Safe Facility

Natural disasters, floods and fires destroy documents and could wipe out a business instantly. Too many businesses have declared bankruptcy after a disaster because they couldn’t recover from the loss of information. Finding a temperature and humidity controlled facility with systems that alert and protect against destructive forces like fire and flood is vital to the safety of your documents.

4. Swift Retrieval

Using state-of-the-art technology, archived documents can be indexed for easy inventory, auditing, and unique searches. If physical or digital documents are archived by a trusted records management service, they can be quickly and easily retrieved on demand. Paper documents can be scanned and in your hands in minutes. Archived document retrieval should be a hassle-free experience.

Your business’ effectiveness and financial bottom line can only improve from any or all of these benefits of document archiving.

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