Records Management Functions You’re Better Off Outsourcing

It can be difficult to take the leap into outsourcing services to other organizations, especially if you have a small business. But whether you are small, medium, or large business, there comes a time when you need the help of a professional, secure records management. Here are a few things they can help with: 1.…
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6 Document Storage Guidelines to Follow

Every business benefits from having their records responsibly managed in a secure and organized way. A full document management program protects information and minimizes the risk of a data breach. These are the things that keep their business running smoothly. Here are our five guidelines to keep your document storage running smoothly. 1. Incorporate Effective…
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Deciding Which Data Storage Solution Works for You

Your business needs to store data like emails, documents, databases, graphics, audio files, and more. You may also be legally required to store and back up data for specified periods of time. So, how do you decide which storage solution works for you? Below are four basic solutions that may help you decide. USB Flash…
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Safe Disposal Tips for Electronics and Digital Devices

Your company regularly cycles through digital devices, but how do you dispose of the obsolete devices? In this blog, we offer several tips for safely disposing of your electronics. Tip 1: Know the Risks While there is great awareness today about the handling of sensitive paper records, the secure destruction of your electronic media is…
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Protecting Your Documents from Disasters

Natural disasters are on the rise due to climate change. Many businesses fail to recognize the potential impacts of disasters until it is too late. Do not be one of them. In this blog, we offer tips for protecting your documents from disasters. Identify Mission-Critical Documents The first step in protecting your documents is identifying…
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Tips for Finding the Right Records Management Provider

Records management is the systematic control of legal, administrative, fiscal, and historical records throughout their entire lifecycle. Few organizations have the necessary knowledge, time, and space for establishing an effective records management program. When selecting a records management provider, it is essential your company gets the support it needs. In this blog, we offer tips…
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