Records Management Tips for 2022

The hectic Christmas season has come to an end and a new year has begun. Experts say that you have just entered the most depressing month of the year. But January doesn’t have to be that way! For many, being organized makes them feel energized and productive. Start off 2022 by cleaning up your records…
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Do Your Records Management Practices Align with the Law?

North of the 49th There are some really interesting laws around the world. Did you know that our Canadian neighbors have a law that radio stations must play at least 35% Canadian content? It came into being just as Burton Cummings and Randy Bachmann of the Canadian group, The Guess Who, produced their number one…
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Why Self-Storage Units Are Not a Records Management Solution

School Daze When I was in school, I hated taking tests. I still do. You may feel the same. To honor those who despise tests, here’s the perfect quiz that doesn’t require answers. That’s right! No answers required. That’s because the questions are rhetorical. So, if you take the time to read the questions, you…
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Is Your Business Ready for Offsite Document Storage?

Is your business ready to develop further, but you’re not sure you can afford more space or staff to expand? Did you know that you can expand and increase productivity with the space and the staff that you already have? Don’t let limited space or staff hold your business hostage and keep it from growing.…
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Is It Time to Outsource Your Records Management?

First, let’s consider why you might not be outsourcing your records management: You believe it’s more affordable to do it yourself. You feel you have more control over your documents. You want to make sure your files are secure. These are common myths that can cause your organization real harm, so in this blog, we’re…
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Records Management Functions You’re Better Off Outsourcing

It can be difficult to take the leap into outsourcing services to other organizations, especially if you have a small business. But whether you are small, medium, or large business, there comes a time when you need the help of a professional, secure records management. Here are a few things they can help with: 1.…
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