Records Management Tips for 2021

Whether or not you are big on New Year’s resolutions, it helps to have a records management plan for your organization. Businesses must control the creation and growth of their records. In this blog, we offer records management tips for 2021. 1. Make a Records Retention Policy A records retention policy establishes guidelines for how…
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Problems Associated with Storing Your Documents in a Self-Storage Unit

Self-storage units are ubiquitous throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, but they do not offer the best storage solution for your business records. Before renting a self-storage unit, consider these risks: Security Self-storage facilities do not protect confidential documents. In fact, they are prime theft targets. Recently, 40 self-storage units in Georgia were broken…
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Offsite Document Storage: How it Works and Why It Is Helpful

Data comes in many forms, and some are easier to store and manage than others. Electronic records can be digitally stored on a server, in an enterprise content management (ECM) system, or saved to a hard drive. Paper records are more problematic, though, as they take up physical space. In this blog, we explain how…
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5 Good Reasons to Protect Your Business Documents

Protecting your IT infrastructure is vital, but your hard copy records need to be safeguarded, too. In this blog, we offer several good reasons to protect your business documents. 1. Privacy You have an ethical and legal obligation to protect your employees’ and customers’ data. Safeguarding the confidential information within your business documents can be…
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Records Management and COVID-19

The economic and social impacts of COVID-19 are being felt around the world. As with any crises, sound records management is more important than ever. In this blog we offer guidelines for managing your records during the Coronavirus pandemic. Maintain Retention and Disposition Best Practices Essential records must be maintained for the continuity of your…
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Answers to the Top 5 Document Scanning Questions

More and more businesses are going paperless. As a result, we receive tons of questions about document scanning. In this blog, we answer the top five document scanning questions. Q: Why Should I Outsource My Scanning Project? A: If not handled and executed in the right way, your next in-house scanning project could lead to…
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