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A Brief History of Docusafe

Docusafe was founded in 1987 as a division of Bohrens Moving Company. The name Docusafe was trademarked in 1989 through the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

Bohrens was founded in New Jersey in 1924. Bohrens began providing document storage in 1936. Bohrens is primarily, a commercial relocation and storage company. As the years passed more and more commercial accounts developed that requested the company store boxes of business records. By 1987 the company realized they were storing so many boxes that they needed to formalize the business as a records storage company.

Staff was trained, software was purchased and Docusafe became a commercial records storage center. In 1999, the company built a new building and moved to Robbinsville, NJ. The facility was designed as a maximum density records storage center. In March of 2000 the first of four (4) Firelock Data Security Vaults were installed. The vaults are guaranteed fire proof. Each vault has an anti-static floor and a gas (FM 200) fire suppression system. Any type of critical document can and is, stored in the vaults.

Docusafe has grown to a size that allows it to cover a large service area. Docusafe serves the Philadelphia, PA., metro area, the entire state of New Jersey, and the New York City metro area. There are currently two (2) buildings in Robbinsville, NJ and one (1) building in Hamilton, NJ.

Docusafe is different from our competitors...

because we know that cutting-edge technology is not enough in itself - it's just another way to provide great service.

Docusafe is a division of Bohren's United Van Lines, a family-owned business whose dedication to quality and service has been winning loyal customers and industry awards since 1924. Over the years, our corporate clients expressed such a steady demand for records storage services that we embarked on a mission - to meet and exceed their expectations. Today, Docusafe Data and Records Management brings its customers all the benefits of our great heritage with a high-tech focus.

The Docusafe Business Philosophy: "Win-Win Partnerships with Our Clients"

In the information age, records storage and access have become more than simple regulatory or space issues - they have become competitive requirements. Docusafe knows that our own success depends on being productive partners in your operations. Our goal is to help you control all of your information, to improve your regulatory compliance, adhere to your retention schedules, and to enhance your cost effectiveness.

Turn-of-the-Century Service with 21st Century Technology

Give us a call. Talk to current Docusafe customers. Visit and examine our state-of-the-art facilities in Robbinsville, NJ. In the storage business, there are bigger companies, and maybe even a few older ones. But, Docusafe Data and Records Management gives you a combination no one else can match: turn-of-the-century service with 21st Century technology.

Docusafe Team

Bob Hess

Bob, as our senior sales person and assistant manager is responsible for bringing in some of our larger clients. He has successfully managed many of our large projects, from the point of packing the material until it is actually on the shelf in our facility. Bob is a former operations manager for International Records and Iron Mountain. At Iron Mountain he managed a facility that had over 900 clients in New York City and New Jersey. In the past fifteen (15) years, Bob has built a reputation of being the, “go-to guy” to get the big jobs completed successfully.

Omar Cruz

Omar oversees our warehouse staff and has been with our company for over five (5) years. As the senior person in the warehouse he has been actively involved in our major projects, including the move-in of some of our Healthcare clients and Federal, State and municipal customers. Omar has an outstanding ability to interface with management, labor and the customer to complete the job at hand.

Chenell Martin

Chenell has been with the company for over ten years and leads our team of drivers and warehouse staff. Chenell started out in customer service, and began to excel in the position immediately. Eventually Chenell took over the management of the inventory for some of our larger more demanding clients. She began to work with our operations staff while remaining in customer service. When an opening became available Chenell moved into operations full time. In the fall of 2014 Chenell took over driver and warehouse operations and continued to improve our delivery & pickup service.

Marianne Gray

Marianne is our office manager and oversees customer service. Marianne spent several years as an assistant bank manager. She then moved on and became a credit manager for a major corporation for many years. Marianne has been with Docusafe for 15 years. She is our office manager, overseeing customer service and accounts receivable. Marianne is very hands on with our customers and her staff. When a client has a need, she makes sure it gets taken care of.

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