A Guide to Common Document Storage Questions

Are you looking for a document storage solution? Part of your due diligence is asking the right questions. In this blog, we offer a guide to the most-often-asked document storage questions.

Q: Why should I store my documents offsite?

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A: You should store your documents offsite to protect them from potential fires, floods, and natural disasters at your primary facility. Offsite storage also prevents unauthorized access to confidential data by your employees as well as reducing in-house storage constraints.

Q: What is the best place to store my documents?

A: Storing your documents in a standard warehouse or self-storage unit can create several problems, ranging from wet and moldy documents to stolen files. A records center offers a safe, clean, secure facility for storing your confidential business records. It features:

  • zoned fire detection and suppression technology
  • 24-hour surveillance
  • strict building access monitoring and control

Your offsite records storage provider stores your documents on high-density records storage racking systems and tracks them with state-of-the-art barcode technology. To protect and preserve your hard copy information for the long term, store your records in a records center.

Q: How do I get my documents to the records center?

A: Your records storage provider gives you bar code labels to put on your boxes. When you’re ready, they pick up your boxes transport them from your office to the records center in a GPS-tracked truck. They can even pack, organize and index your documents for you!

Q: Can I store non-standard size documents in a records center?

A: Yes, with the right records storage service, you can store many types of documents offsite, including legal documents, x-rays, blueprints, and architectural drawings.

Q: What if I need a document from storage?

A: You request documents through a secure web portal. Your records storage provider’s security-screened and uniformed professional couriers deliver your documents to you in GPS-tracked and alarmed vehicles, always maintaining strict chain of custody protocols. With your provider’s Scan on Demand service, you achieve the convenience of having your file delivered electronically to your workstation or laptop.

Q: When can I access my documents?

A: With the right records storage service, you have access to your documents 24/7/365. The right document storage provider can offer expedited and emergency delivery options.

Q: How should I choose a document storage provider?

A: You want a document storage provider you can trust. Choose a locally-owned records storage company with a trusted reputation and years of experience serving businesses in your community. Ask for client references.

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