6 Tips for Preventing Data Loss

Your data is your most valuable business asset. What are you doing to protect it? Here are six data loss prevention tips we think you will find useful:

Tip 1: Always Back Up Your Data

Although any backup is better than none, backing up your data only once a week may not be enough. Business data changes from day to day and is always at risk. A daily backup routine ensures continuous data protection and recovery. We have all read about the many data breaches that occur worldwide. Cloud storage is the “Big” thing, but tape is still the safest, most secure, and least expensive way to back up your data. 4.5 billion records were breached in the first half of 2018, through the cloud.

Tip 2: Store and Rotate Your Media

You can back up every day, but if your backup media isn’t protected, there’s no guarantee your data can be restored if lost. Backing up to multiple tapes and rotating them to a secure, offsite data vault protects your business from a data loss disaster. A media storage and rotation service eliminates the burden of data storage and management. Depending upon your backup schedule, your provider offers scheduled or “as needed” rotation of your tapes to a secure offsite data storage facility. Each tape is bar coded and tracked to support your recovery time objectives (RTOs).

Tip 3: Fortify Your Network

A network protected with a strong firewall and security software is less likely to fall prey to cyberattacks and malware. Make sure sensitive data to and from your network is encrypted. Invest in a robust antivirus software solution and keep it updated.

Tip 4: Shred Confidential Documents

Low-tech threats can lead to data loss. As a result, outdated and no-longer-needed documents must always be shredded. A shredding service makes sure your paper-based data never falls into the wrong hands. Background- and drug-screened personnel collect your documents within a strict chain of custody. They use GPS-tracked vehicles to transport your paper records to a shredding plant that features:

  • Entry access controls
  • Surveillance systems
  • 24-hour alarms

Tip 5: Develop a Disaster Recovery Plan

No business is immune to natural disasters. A disaster recovery plan helps your organization respond to data loss the moment it occurs. Develop one and test it to make sure it works.

Tip 6: Train Your Employees

Employee errors can lead to data loss, so it’s important to minimize them. Staff training is effective for creating organization-wide awareness and reducing costly mistakes. Make sure your employees know how to recognize email scams, phishing attacks, and other data loss risks. Remember: Training isn’t a one-and-done exercise. To keep up with evolving threats, set up a training routine.

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