5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Shredding Services

Document destruction is a must for every business. There are several distinct advantages to outsourcing the destruction of your expired paper records. In this blog, we highlight five ways your business can benefit from using a shredding service:

1. Fraud Protection

Corporate data theft is on the rise, so it’s important to remember that although your outdated business documents are no longer valuable to you, they may be very valuable to someone looking for insider information. As a result, it’s important to implement a secure process for destroying outdated documents.

A shredding service eliminates risk-prone in-house document disposal risks. Background- and drug-screened personnel collect your documents within a strict chain of custody. They use GPS-tracked vehicles to transport your paper records to a shredding plant that features:

  • Entry access controls
  • Surveillance systems
  • 24-hour alarms

These systems and protocols eliminate security risks that can lead to your information falling into the wrong hands.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Every business has a legal obligation to protect the information it collects from its employees, customers, and vendors. Non-compliance with the following laws and regulations may result in severe fines and penalties:

  • SOX
  • GLB

A shredding service helps your business comply with local, state, and federal privacy protection regulations. A Certificate of Destruction noting the time and date of destruction is issued after every shredding project.

3. Enhanced Productivity

You’re busy. Consider the time you spend shredding files with your paper shredding machine. First, staples and paperclips must be removed. Then, to avoid clogging the shredding blades, each file must be separated into easy-to-shred portions before being hand-fed into the shredder. After your documents are shredded, the shredding receptacle must be emptied.

A shredding service removes your office paper shredder from the equation, allowing you and your employees more time to focus on revenue-generating tasks. Your shredding provider delivers locked collection containers to your office. These secure receptacles allow confidential files to be dropped inside quickly and easily.

4. Cost Reduction

In-house shredding programs are rife with hidden costs that include:

  • Purchasing office shredders
  • Buying disposal bags
  • Troubleshooting shredder maintenance issues
  • Lubricating shredder blades
  • Paying employees to shred
  • Shredder electricity costs

Outsourcing your shredding eliminates these expenses. Instead, for a set fee, your documents are routinely destroyed.

5. Sustainability

Businesses generate vast amounts of waste, and as a result, have a responsibility to adopt environmentally-friendly business practices. A shredding service keeps your paper waste out of landfills. After destruction, your shredded material is baled, pulped, and recycled into new paper products.

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