4 Ways Document Storage Simplifies Records Retention

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A records retention program establishes guidelines for what documents to keep and how long to keep them. It also protects your organization from litigation and ensures compliance with state and federal regulations. Managing a records retention policy isn’t always easy, especially when you have documents that must be retained for several years. In this blog, we outline four ways document storage simplifies records retention.


Besides protecting your records during retention, a document storage provider tracks them from creation to destruction. Before storing your documents on high-density records storage racking systems in a records center, a team of records management professionals labels and barcodes every box so you can always find your information.


To make sure your company complies with state and federal regulations, your records should be monitored throughout their retention lifecycle. When your documents are stored off-site in a records center, an advanced document management software system helps you keep tabs on your retention inventory. It lets you view a complete audit history of every “touch” to a document and create and save customized retention reports.


The ability to locate documents helps protect your business during litigation and audits. A document storage service eliminates having to rifle through boxes and filing cabinets to find requested information. A secure web portal lets any authorized user in your organization access, locate and order documents just by clicking their mouse. A security-screened and uniformed professional courier delivers the documents to the requestor in a GPS-tracked and alarmed vehicle, maintaining a strict chain of custody protocols at all times.

Final Disposition

You have a legal obligation to destroy documents when they reach the end of their retention lifecycle. A document storage service offers a secure and efficient process for destroying expired documents and providing evidence of destruction. You are notified when records reach their final disposition date. With your authorization, they are shredded, and you are given a Certificate of Destruction noting the time and date of destruction.

As you can see, a reliable document storage solution enhances and supports your records retention policy.

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