4 Reasons Document Storage Still Matters

Hand drawn Solution blank list concept on blackboardIn 2020, most businesses have a digital information management strategy, but few businesses take the same care with their paper records. In this blog, we discuss four reasons document storage still matters:

1. Identity Theft and Business Fraud are Increasing

Insider theft of documents is an all-too-real risk, so where you store your paper records makes a difference. Offsite records storage prevents unauthorized access to your documents. Your offsite records storage provider transfers your documents to a records center that features:

  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Strict building access monitoring and control
  • Barcode tracking technology

Remote access to your documents through your record storage provider’s secure web portal should be provided so you can track and control your records at the box or file level.

2. Retention Applies to Paper Records

You need to know what paper records you have and how long to keep them. Otherwise, your business can be fined for non-compliance. Records storage with complete information lifecycle support keeps your record retention costs in check. Qualified records management specialists assist you with storage, retrieval, and maintenance of your documents, from creation, to disposition, to destruction.

3. Leased Office Space Is Expensive

With rising commercial office lease rates, it’s necessary to maximize every square foot but file cabinets take up valuable space. Outsourcing document storage keeps your overhead costs low and allows for the efficient and profitable use of leased office space. The same volume of documents stored in an office file cabinet can be stored far more affordably in a records center.

4. Paper Documents Are Not Disaster Proof

The frequency and intensity of natural disasters is increasing because of climate change, so it is increasingly important to protect your paper records from physical damage. Offsite document storage in a records center minimizes fire, flood, and pest infestation risks to your documents and keeps them accessible should your have to evacuate your business facility during a catastrophe.

It is for all these reasons that paper records still matter, and so does where you store them.

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