Your Trusted, Independent Document Management & Secure Media Storage Company

Your Trusted, Independent Document Management & Secure Media Storage Company Ensuring Your Peace of Mind

Ensuring Your Peace of Mind

Our unique and systematic approach to records management has proven successful for Docusafe customers since we were founded in 1987. We'll even manage the switch from your current provider to Docusafe in a seamless, worry-free transaction. Ask us how!


Records Storage

Offsite storage and management of your archival files & documents. 

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Secure destruction of your daily paperwork and files at end of lifecycle.  

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Digital transformation of physical records to online repository.  

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Media Storage

Offsite storage in FireLock vault and rotation of your backup media.  

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Information Lifecycle as provided by ARMA

Supporting your information lifecycle requirements

The management of your information lifecycle is vital to the functional health your organization. From creation to use to disposition, every step of the information lifecycle requires strategy and tactics to ensure order and prevent chaos. Docusafe provides comprehensive support for many of the stages of your information lifecycle requirements. While you are the information creator, Docusafe will assist you with storage, retrieval, and maintenance of your information assets, right through to their disposition and destruction.

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Docusafe document management & media storage: leaders in information management offering secure offsite storage, web access & quick-response service.

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