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Fireproof Media Storage

Truly Fireproof Media Storage for Your Vital Records

DocuSafeDocuSafe provides fireproof media storage in our FIRELOCK vaults. Safeguard your vital records with
the only truly fireproof media storage available.

Tour the FIRELOCK VaultThe FIRELOCK Vault is the only truly fireproof vault on the market today. The fireproof media storage chamber is environmentally controlled for temperature at 68° F and 33% humidity - maintained constantly and tracked on a chart recorder. This vault represents a dramatic breakthrough in fireproof media storage and environmental protection of all types of heat-sensitive vital records and media.

State-Of-the-Art Fireproof Media Storage

FIRELOCK Vaults are far superior fireproof media storage to concrete or block vaults that emit steam into the storage area when exposed to the heat of a catastrophic fire. Steam, at 212° F, destroys vital magnetic and film media. The insulating core of the FIRELOCK panel is completely dry and inert, even during exposure to a 2000° F fire. With its magnetic shielding, vapor barrier, and seismic protection, this class 125 Media Rated Fire Vault is the state-of-the-art in fireproof media storage.

Within this fireproof media storage vault is an FM200 gas suppression system that reacts chemically with fire and prevents it from burning. FM200 is harmless to the environment, breathable, and completely safe for all media.

Contact DocuSafe About Our Fireproof Media Storage Vaults...
True Protection for Your Records

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